Magpie Magpie

magpie magpie childrens bookMagpie, Magpie! (Translated from the Russian Folk Rhyme) is a story by Irina Zheleznova and illustrated by Y. Vasnetsov. I cannot find anything about the illustrator but the pictures are fantastic. The story goes: “Magpie Magpie tell me, pray where have you been? Far away! I made a fire, and I cooked some mush, I called to my friends and they came at a rush! A hungry brood, by my porch they stood. The squirrel got some mush and so did the hare, the duck and the owl each got a share. But one poor little soul got none at all. He had fetched no water, he had chopped no wood, he had made no fire, He had cooked no food. Shoo! And away they flew. They pecked no bread – they perched on your head, and wherever they went – from west to east – they told their friends of the Magpie’s feast”.

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“Is It Art?”

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  1. Brilliant. And inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

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