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Gianni Benvenuti (1926-2005) was an Italian-born illustrator of children’s book. Both images are from ‘The Little Elf and Other Stories” (1960) retold by Jane Carruth.

The book includes the following Hans Christian Anderson stories:

  • The Nightingale,
  • The Ugly Duckling,
  • The Little Elf,
  • The Magic Tinderbox,
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes,
  • The Coach with 12 Passengers

Anderson; the son of a poor cobbler, was born in Denmark in 1805. He became a successful writer of children’s stories and tales, despite his adversity, when both of his parents died when he was only 11 years of age.

  • Hans Christian Anderson died in 1875.

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Source: Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Elf and Other Stories. Odhams, London 1960
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