Schenk’s Sheepish Anguish

Danish-born artist, August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck was born on April 23, 1828 in Glückstadt, Denmark. He became well known for his landscapes and paintings of animals.

He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and afterwards in Paris, specializing in painting landscapes and animal subjects, which were often seen as a metaphor for human relationships and society. These included several snowy, winter landscapes depicting sheep struggling for survival, such as Anguish.

  • Schenck died in Écouen near Paris on January 1, 1901.

With Anguish, (see above), a brave ewe stands defiantly over the limp body of her lamb. Blood from the lamb’s mouth trickles on to the snow.  The pair is encircled by a mass of menacing black crows. The situation appears hopeless, despite the bravery of the ewe.

  • The painting belongs to the National Gallery  of Victoria International collection.

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