A tureen to help store your emotional cabbage?

Above: Cabbage Tureen by Paul-Antoine Hannong, from Hannong Factory Strasbourg, Alsace, France (ca 1754-1762) – Faience earthenware (tin-glazed), 21.2 × 34.6 × 33.1 cm (Collection of National Gallery of Victoria, International).

Faience (tin-glazed earthenware) and porcelain were the principal products of the Hannong Factory enterprise during the early 18th century. Founded by Charles-François Hannong and later administered by Paul-Antoine (1730–60), it continued  to operate under third generation son Joseph-Adam Hannong (1762–80). The Hannong’s were early practitioners of over-glaze painting in France and Strasbourg colour schemes were often dominated by an intense carmine colour.

During the 1740s and 1750s the factory developed a range of brightly painted, highly decorative services as well as tureens made in natural forms such as shells, birds and vegetables. This was the golden age of trompe l’oeil productions and the factory’s greatest productions were its tureens and pot-pourri which were imitated by other factories throughout Europe, including the Chelsea and Derby potteries in England.

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  1. thank -you emotional cabbage is one of the best puns I have heard for a while..

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