Namaste My Sherpa

BodhisattvaOvershadowed by the huge peaks of Langtang Lirung
Sherpa guide shows us the way to this Buddhist nirvana
As we sip our chang.

Lakes lie with permanent ice throes and beyond
The pine forests shadow forbidden Tibet.

Chanting monks, spinning prayer wheels, in the depths of Annapurna
The dawn glow shineth like a scarlet lake
Rose, crimson, vermillion, chrome, gold.

Sherpa guide brings me chai at early morn
We pay homage to the great Mandala
We join the villagers, peddlers, pilgrims and ash-smeared Saddhus
As we meander by the slow-moving rivers.
To the painted gargoyles and pagoda temple land.

Sherpa guide brings me rashki
Bright butterflies fill the skies and encircle the primulas
Thick rhododendron forests hug with moss, white orchids,
Moss, white orchids.
They say “Follow the Kal Gandaki”

We’ve trekked the foothills to our destiny
The remote kingdom and old world city of K.

  • For further poetry by Maryann Adair, see my Poetic Art page.

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