A Free Wall to extend your art

South Australia’s Capital City – Adelaide has some fine examples of street art. Not far from the CBD and close to the University is The Adelaide Free Wall and the nearby Morphett Street ramp of the Morphett Street Bridge. This outdoor gallery space is supported by the Adelaide City Council. There are notices under the bridge wall stating that: “In the interests of public safety and the environment please take the used aerosol cans with you and dispose of them according to the manufacturers instructions.”  Some of the artists responsible for the artworks include:

James Dodd – who decorated the Western side of the Bridge wall. He is a nationally respected artist. (see above). You can find out more about him on his webpage.

ABOVE – an international artist who visited Adelaide to mentor local South Australian  artists Chris Edser, Ankles and Tristan Kerr. They worked on the Eastern Wall of  the Morphett Street Bridge. ABOVE’s specialty uses witty ‘typography-based works’ such as the one here, which incorporates the old rhyme: “Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones but Words Will Never ...”

Lastly, Seb Humphreys – who is an Adelaide-based artist who has a growing reputation in aerosol and street art, produced a number of murals on the pylons under the Morphett Street Bridge. Born on 11 December, 1984.  Seb is also known as Order or Order 55. For further information check out Seb’s Website.

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