Czech This Out: A real Troup-er in art

Milsoslav Troup

I love the art from the former Czech artists of the 1960s. Their modern concept remains so relevant today and does not look for one minute, dated or out of place. These images here are from a 1967 folk legends tome entitled: “Legends From Eastern Lands,” which were retold by Jaroslav Tichy, and  illustrated by Milsoslav Troup.

The volume includes many tales of: Shahs, Sultans and Caliphs; Mullahs and Merchants; Magicians and Princes of Wondrous Beauty and more. All of the stories originate from regional areas at the time which included: Turkestan, Samarkand and Tashkent and many more. For example, some of the stories included are:

  • The Three Brave Brothers;
  • The Judgement of Balteki,
  • Mirad Bobj and the Khan; and
  • Ajaz the Wise.

The illustrator: Miloslav Troup, was born on 30th June, 1917, in  Hořovice, in the former Czech Republic.  An academic painter, he graduated from high school in Beroun (1935), the National School of Graphic Arts , Prague (1937), University of Applied Arts, Prague – the studio of Professor Jaroslav Benda (1942), the École des Beaux Arts and École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris with Professor Brianchona, and professor Desnoyera (1945 – 1947) , a scholarship of the French government.

In 1950 he returned to Czechoslovakia, where he worked as a member of the Union of Czechoslovak artists. He lived in Prague , and became a book illustrator, who illustrated more than 160 titles, in many languages. He is also known for some stained glass installations in lead in Pague,  Olomouc, Pitino, Ostrava, Martin, and Čestice in Volhynia. Sadly, Troup died on the 22nd February, 1993 in Prague.

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