May the cones of silence grant you your wish

incense conesLarge spiral cones hanging from Asian  temple ceilings are actually incense cones (aka joss sticks). Apart from the smokiness and heady aroma, these over-hanging cones inside Taoist Temples take a long time to burn. The Chinese word ‘Joss’ means ‘God’ and the term is also derived from the Latin ‘Deus,’ which was introduced to the area via Portuguese influence, who used the same word to depict the meaning of  ‘God’.

The often pungent and heady incense burned, is a compound of aromatic biotic materials that release fragrant smoke when lit, using aromatic plant materials and fragrant essential oils.

These cones (pictured above) hang inside the Taoist ‘Man Mo Temple‘ on Hollywood Road in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong.   This temple was featured in the wonderful vintage 1960 movie “The World of Suzie Wong“, which starred Nancy Kwan and William Holden. The plot was inspired by the original novel (1957) which was authored by Richard Mason.

Please put either of these versions on your bucket list (movie, book or temple location) – regardless of whether you decide to read it, see it or live it. As Suzie Wong would ensure “For Goodness sake“.

For further examples of Asian influenced art see my Oriental Art page.

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