Dickie Lewis – the statue ‘so exceedingly bare’

Liverpool resurgent‘Liverpool Resurgent’ is the name of this statue by Sir Jacob Epstein, born in New York on 10th November 1880 and died 19th August 1959. This statue used to sit over the entrance of the former Lewis’ department store in Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Lewis’ Department Store was the flagship of a chain which operated from 1856-1991. Other Lewis’ stores could be found in Manchester, Henley, Leeds, Oxford, Blackpool, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Bolton, Newcastle, Thurrock, Glasgow, Leicester, Sheffield, Weston Favell and Ellesmere Port.  The chain was sold in 2007 to Veigo Retail and finally closed on May 29th, 2010.

  • Upon unveiling in 1956, ‘this fine naked gent’ has been given various nicknames  by the local ‘Scousers (Liverpudlians). Such as:”Dickie Lewis.

Another accolade appeared in Peter McGovern’s song “In my Liverpool home” (1962) where in part of the lyrics it states:

  • “We speak with an accent exceedingly rare.
    Meet under a statue exceedingly bare.”

I’m pretty sure I know how to find you…and where!

For similar examples of public sculpture,  see my Sculpture and Street Furniture page.

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