A pantheon of street art? – you be the judge

Wayne TindallThere was a newspaper article back in early August, 2013 which focused on “Urban Legends and Street Art“. In this case it referred to a lane running along the back streets of Chapel Street in Windsor.

At the time the local Mayor referred to this area as “one of the premier street-art precincts in Australia.” The reality was that some owners of some local real estate abutting the lane were sick and tired of the lowbrow tagging on their real estate and along with one of the other local businesses, a bakery and a branch of the Bendigo Bank they allowed it to become a street art initiative.

One of the business operators, Wayne Tindall, claims it operates like a huge open gallery space. Tindall, an artist and film maker; and his wife Anne, have been renting a studio in the tagged lane way for some years.  He said … “I decided I didn’t want to walkout every day and have to look at this shit. Anne suggested I should do a painting to do it up“. The first piece to appear on the walls was this one of he and his wife.

baker boysThe bakery boys opted for a group photo homage.  Much of the rest was completed by a loose collective of street artists. As an overseer to the project, Tindall said that trying to keep some of the street artists focused on selected work was a little like ‘herding cats’.

As recognition of its endeavors this area is now known as “Artists Lane”.

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