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Never Sour of this Tower of Dutch Flower Power

Dutch painter Jan van Huysum (alt. Huijsum), the son of the flower painter Justus van Huysum, was born on 15th April 1682.  Jan is considered to be both a skilled still life and landscape painter. Half of his pictures in … Continue reading

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“I think he’s having a laugh”

The Laughing Cavalier, previously known as The Cavalier, is a famous painting at The Wallace Collection in London. It was painted by Dutch “Golden Age Painter” Frans Hals back in 1624 (a mere 388 years ago). In fact, Hals, died … Continue reading

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“Anything, but a load of old Bosch!”

I guess when people refer to something as ‘a load of old Bosch,‘ I hope they aren’t referring to the great artist Hieronymous Bosch. Bosch died some 497 years ago on the 9th August 1516, having been born ca. 1450. … Continue reading

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