Never Sour of this Tower of Dutch Flower Power

Dutch painter Jan van Huysum (alt. Huijsum), the son of the flower painter Justus van Huysum, was born on 15th April 1682.  Jan is considered to be both a skilled still life and landscape painter. Half of his pictures in public galleries are landscapes with views of imaginary lakes and harbours, ruins; and woods of tall trees.  Some examples of this work are part of the Louvre Gallery art collection in Paris.

Van Huysum died on 8th February, 1749.

Some of the finest of van Huysum’s fruit and flower pieces such as the two featured above have been in English private collections; such as those from the Earl of Ellesmere’s gallery; the collections of Hope and Ashburton; and at the National Gallery, London.

Other major van Huysum collections are part of the following national or major European art galleries in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brunswick, Carlsruhe, Copenhagen, Dresden, Hanover, Munich, St Petersburg, The Hague and Vienna; as well as Boston in the USA.

  • The first image featured above is entitled “Flowers in a Vase” and the second, “Fruit and Flowers” and are both from the Wallace Collection, London.

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