Art In A Nutshell

Lothar Lautenbach | walnut carving
Walnuts have a long history in art. Walnut husk pigments were used as a brown dye for fabric and applied in classical Rome and medieval Europe as hair dye. Walnut husks have been used to make a durable ink for writing and drawing.

  • It is thought to have been used by artists including  Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt.

However, in more recent times, many people have gone nuts about German artist and craftsman, Lothar Lautenbach’s intricate walnut work. At the age of 80 Lautenbach became famous for creating this minuscule piece, which includes a fantastically detailed landscape carved out of the inside of a walnut. In fact, Lautenbach has received many orders from all over the world for his mini-masterpieces.

  • This example was displayed some time ago at the Museum for Saxon Folk Art (Museum für Sächsische Volkskunst) in Dresden, Germany.

Anyone thinking of shelling out for this artists work must realise that he
might like nuts, but he certainly does not work for peanuts!

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