Street Art Going AWOL

Going AWOL usually means being ‘Absent With Out Leave’, but here it could mean being a member of a well known Melbourne street art team; the AWOL Crew.

The AWOL Crew is a team of well-known street artists that was formed back in 2006 and have since, pushed themselves and their work, both individually and collectively, to a unique level of artistic elevation.

  • Various crew members include, Adnate, Deams, Itch, Aaron Li-Hill, Lucy Lucy and Slicer; who have produced a variety of evolutionary and inspirational art locally and overseas. In doing so, they have garnered a widespread audience of admirers.

In fact, many members of this Crew do go AWOL from time to time, traipsing around the world leaving their unique art styles around for all to see.

  •  Discover more about the AWOL Crew on their Facebook page.

So let’s go AWOL
Once and for all.

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“Is It Art?”

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