I’ve Been Itching to Show You These for Some Time

Inkbomb Studios is the online manifestation of Bryan Itch, or “Itch“, a melbourne-based illustrator and street artist with a diverse skill set drawn from experience in an array of oil and acrylic painting, aerosol street art murals, animated motion graphics, tattooing and custom soundtracks and sound effects; through his VJing and musical art endevours.

Over the past 10 years, Itch has exhibited in group shows across Australia, Europe and the United States alongside leaders in both the street art and visionary art worlds. Itch has been part of the AWOL street art crew along with Adnate, Deams, Lucy Lucy and Slicer.

Highlights have included:

  • live painting at the Symbiosis festival, designing stages for Earthcore, Strawberry Fields and Rainbow Serpent festivals;
  • AWOL crew’s group exhibition “Fabric”,
  • a National Gallery of Victoria installation;
  • and a trip to Mongolia as a featured artist for the Ink Graffiti festival in Ulan Baataar.

Discover more about Itch via his Website.

Itch | I’m bewitched!

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“Is It Art?”

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