What to See by Lucy Lucy

Meet Street Artist Lucy Lucy who came to Melbourne from Paris, France. Lucy (born 1983) has been  living in Melbourne for many years and is known for her paintings and pastes of gorgeous females. She also loves fashion and fabrics, patterns and material. Lucy is part of the AWOL Crew Street Art Collective, along with Adnate, Deams, Itch and Slicer and has illustrated the children’s book ‘Nancy Wake: Fighting for Freedom’.

  • A lover of drawing and painting since childhood, Lucy got involved in street art after moving to Melbourne from her native Paris in 2007, to study a master’s degree in international business. She befriended several street artists and began joining them on nocturnal painting jaunts, honing her skills away from the public eye.

Post-study, Lucy returned to Paris for a few years, but returned to Melbourne about six years ago. She ended up being a room mate of an artist who was friends with Slicer, Adnate and Deams; and soon became attracted to street art.

  • Now known as Lucy Lucy, she depicts “different aspects of the feminine” in murals of archetypal women. They’ve been displayed on walls in Brunswick, Collingwood, Prahran and Richmond and Union Lane in Melbourne, as well as the Box Hill Town Hall and Preston Library; further afield in Mayfield (NSW); and there are two in Benalla, home to the Wall to Wall street art festival.

Further information is available on Facebook.

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“Is It Art?”

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