TWOONE is a Hungry Animal

Contemporary artist Hiroyasu Tsuri (also known as TWOONE the Street Artist) was born on 26 February 1985 in Yokohama, Japan. His work consists of painting, sculpture, installation, performance art and sound; and in his street art he is known for his large scale mural works all around the world.

  • In 2007, at age of 18, Tsuri moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he lived, played and started painting a lot on the streets; and began exhibiting his works in galleries and museums.
  • He illustrates his pictures from his dreams and his characters often have both animal and human characteristics. They often focus on tribal, symbolic, animal spirits and characters, as shown in the  images featured here.
  • Whilst in Australia TWOONE collaborated with other street artists such as Shida, Nails, Ghostpatrol and many others.
  • His artworks have been acquired by The National Gallery of Victoria and by the City of Yarra, Australia as part of their permanent collections.

Since 2014, Tsuri has been living in Berlin, Germany where he continues to experiment with materials and media and push his art to new levels.

His many collections, murals, commissions and exhibitions (including solos) feature in exotic and world-wide locations such as:

  • Australasia: New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Napier New Zealand.
  • Asia: Nagoya, Japan; George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Goa, India; Kolkata, India; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong.
  • Europe: Berlin, Germany; Cran Montana, Switzerland; Lieusaint, Paris, Lille, Vernuil Sur Seine, France; Madrid, Spain; Leeuwarden, Netherlands and Osimo, Italy.
  • Africa: Djerba, Tunisia.
  • The Americas:  Miami and Chicago, US; and Toronto, Canada.

Discover more at Hiroyasu Tsuri’s website or follow on Instagram

In Hiroyasu Tsuri ‘s own words – TWOONE is a Hungry Animal
And we are hungry for more

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