Framing Heck | The Hijinks of skr3am and Jinks1


skr3am and Jinks1 of Redlight Studio have created a number of framed street art images across Melbourne, using pictures of famous icons. So far, the likenesses of ’60s fashion icons such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton have graced the walls from Balaclava, South Melbourne and Brighton, to name but a few.  Others have included the former ’80s pop idol Prince.

The framed works can take up to five days and nights to produce, often using many picture frames, either collected or custom made; and placed strategically over the mural, creating an elegant, yet edgy effect.

  • Although not shown in the images above, one installation in South Melbourne entitled “Maxwell” is a depiction of mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell, who was known for presenting the first durable colour photograph in 1861 and the colour concept of RGB (Red/Green/Blue).

Find out more about skr3am via this Facebook page.

Freeze frames for artists of fame

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“Is It Art?”

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