On the Street Man with Beastman

Sydney based prolific street artist Beastman (Bradley Eastman) is influenced by beauty and symbolism behind nature’s repetitive geometric and symmetrical repetitions, glyphs and tribal images.

  • Beastman’s instantly-recognisable style has graced walls throughout Australia including a commission to paint the frontage of Radio 4ZZZ building in Brisbane.
  • He is represented in streets and galleries around the world, including an exhibition at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit. This unnamed work, painted in 2013, was a “fun, spontaneous, improvised mural” that has become a city landmark.
  • Beastman has also exhibited  overseas in London, Berlin and New Zealand.

“When I was younger I just wanted to draw monsters and stupid stuff,” Eastman has said. “As I’ve grown older my taste in art has become more mature. I am more interested in geometry, balance and colour theory.”

    • Find out more about Beastman at his website.

Hey man, let’s feast man!

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