Btoy Will Never Be Coy

Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1977, Andrea Michaelsson (aka Btoy) is a female street artist known for creating extremely fine and detailed stencils. Michaelsson studied law for four years before realising it was not the career she wanted and began to study photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies, in Barcelona.

It wasn’t until after her mother passed away in 2002, that Michaelsson became ‘Btoy’ and began her street art career. She found that painting offered an escape route from her stress, due to its distraction.

  • The photographs of Cartier-Bresson and their composition influenced her greatly.
  • Her street art stencils often portray the importance of women and sometimes incorporate famous portraits.
  • Most of these are female icons from the 1950’s, often depicted through powerful brush strokes combined with acute stencil lines.
  • She also sought influence with Hollywood actresses like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks, and their silent films. These women were the first liberated women and flappers.

Btoy prefers to place her artwork and posters in old places, including old textured and rusty doors and walls.

She has opened several exhibitions and provided installations and murals for art festivals and galleries in Los Angeles, London, Mexico, Barcelona, and Brussels.

Find out more on Btoy’s Website.

Website | About | Facebook | Twitter

“Is It Art?”

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