Ha-Ha | ‘It’s better than sex’

Ha-Ha the street artist is also known as Regan Tamanui. As a street artist he has been using spray can and stencil art in and around Melbourne since 2001. He is also a professional artist and gallery curator with several gallery shows under his belt.

Ha-Ha (born 1972) began his street art back when he used to work as a ‘garbo’ for the cities of Whitehorse, Moreland and Glen Eira and took hundreds of stickers to work each week and stuck them up all over the neighbourhood. Now he mainly uses stencils in and around the Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick and Richmond areas close to home.

  • Ha-Ha often depicts pop kitsch art. He is fascinated by conspiracies, robots, Dystopian future, underbelly sub-cultures and anti-corporate and anti-government campaigns. He claims his inspiration came from another stencil street artist Psalm.
  • Ha-Ha once said that: ‘The risk of getting caught is the ultimate thrill. It’s better than sex’.

Further information is available at his website or you can follow him on his Instagram account @regantamanui

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