Make Yours a Platytox State Today

barry-humphries-platy-tox-boxBarry Humphries: Platy-Tox for all Bushland PestsMake Yours a Platytox State.

Australian comedian, satirist, artist and author, Barry Humphries was born John Barry Humphries, 0n 17 February 1934. In 1959, Humphries moved to London, where he lived and worked throughout the 1960s and became friends with the likes of Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, and Spike Milligan.

Humphries’ characters have brought him international renown, and he has appeared in numerous films, stage productions and television shows. Originally conceived as a dowdy Moonee Ponds housewife who caricatured Australian suburban complacency and insularity, his character Edna Everage evolved over four decades to become a satire of stardom, with the gaudily dressed, acid-tongued, ego-maniacal, internationally feted Housewife “Gigastar” who became Dame Edna Everage.

One of Humphries best-known works was the cartoon strip The Wonderful World of Barry McKenzie; a bawdy satirical cartoon which exposed some of the worst aspects of Australian behaviors whilst abroad. This later became the main story line for the 1972 movie  The Adventures of Barry McKenzie starring Barry Crocker.

barry-humphreys1Above: Self portrait of Barry Humphries 2002 (gift by Margaret Olley) National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

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