Victory of Faith – is an Evocative Piece

st-george-hare-victory-of-faithThe Victory of Faith” (1857 Oil on canvas 123.3 × 200.0 cm) is part of the Melbournian National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) collection.

It was painted by Irish artist St. George Hare, who was born on 05 July 1857 in Limerick, County Limerick and died on 30 January, in 1933.

It has been exhibited at the:

  • Royal Academy, London, 1891, no. 489;
  • World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893,
  • Fine Arts section (Dept. K): Great Britain, Gallery 15; Salon, Paris, 1894, no. 903; Exhibition of Irish Painting, Guildhall, London, 1904.

This work became a gift to the NGV by an anonymous donor, in 1905. Since then it has been in the following exhibits:

  • Queensland Art Fund: Exhibition of Pictures from the Southern States; Brisbane Art Gallery, 1930.
  • The First Fifty Years: 19th Century British Art from the Gallery Archives, Melbourne, 1992.
  • Hidden Treasures, David Jones’ Art Gallery, Sydney, 1992.

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