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JigsawJigsaw is a clothing retailer with outlets in Britain, the United States and an independent licencee in Australia. Formerly only a women’s clothier, Jigsaw launched their menswear range in 2012. The company is based on Mortlake Road in Kew, south west London and has 47 outlets across Britain.

Now, Jigsaw also sell Organics Beauty Products (Lip Balm, Bath & Body Care…) that are Soil Association Certified.It’s sister company Kew 159 was also based in the same location and was designed to appeal to younger shoppers; but sadly it was forced to close due to heavy financial losses in 2012.

The Robinson Webster (Holdings) company, who own Jigsaw began in 1969 when two friends, John Robinson (born 1948) and Malcolm Webster went on a holiday to Turkey and brought back a sheepskin coat. People went mad for it and wantedone just like it, so the pair returned to Istanbul and filled an old Post Office van with sixty coats and sold them back in the UK.

From 2006-07, the then Catherine Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William of Cambridge, was employed by Jigsaw as an assistant accessories buyer. She worked there four days a week to help her manage her high-profile relationship, but eventually left on 1 November 2007. The couple also holidayed together at Robinson’s villa on the island of Mustique.

The shops all have an individual style, seeking to create a slightly eclectic feel. This has been achieved by using different designers for the shops over the lifespan of the company, including Nigel Coates, John Pawson and AMD.

  • Above is an example of Italian fabric chosen for a Jigsaw jacket.

For further examples of textured cloth see my Textiles page.

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