An Annalisa enigma

AnaLisa tomatoesI saw a show on TV a while ago where the presenters focussed on a private collector’s specialty – Decorative label surrounds for tinned tomatoes – especially those from Italy and Spain.

Needless to say his collection was vast and incredibly fascinating, with many examples showing illustrations of local costumes and idioms for each area.  So, naturally I became more focused on tinned tomatoes on the shelves of local supermarkets, delicatessens and other artisan produce stores.  One of the more decorative tins I have managed to locate is that of the Annalisa tinned tomato varieties.

Apparently, the  Annalisa brand was established in the mid-1930s and has evolved without losing sight of its roots and tradition. From the artisan passion for Mediterranean flavours to the dynamic group winning over 50 different markets, the Annalisa flavour has come a long way.

The “seed” of Annalisa quality germinated in 1935, through the many sacrifices and no compromises of the Salerno-based Lodato and Senesi families when they began processing the products of the land in a small, family-run workshop.

  • Over time Annalisa has expanded – driven by the passion for traditional flavours; due to their constant research into quality and the far-sighted vision of its founders.
  • The true turning point for the business arrived in 1965, when it was turned into a group and entered the international market.
  • In over 50 countries around the world, the Annalisa brand has became synonymous with excellence in the food processing and preserving industry.

However, I am still no wiser on who the ‘bella ragazza‘ is, or who is the illustrator for this label.

What an enigma! Can anyone help?

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