May this Bluebird of Happiness RIP

PiscesToday would have been the 94th birthday of a wonderful man who came into our personal life many years ago. Full of wisdom and sensibility, he not only witnessed a world at war, but helped fight against warring nations and states in WW2; fighting against the armies of opposition in Greece, Crete, Egypt, Syria and later on in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

  • Many years after his War Service, he developed a great passion for sailing and would regale to one and all about his high adventures on the water.
  • Over his time, he owned various sailing vessels and yachts.
  • One of these was an Australian-designed yacht known as a “Bluebird“.
  • One day he told me about a street art mural installation which featured a “Bluebird” design yacht (featured above and believed to be Pisces), which has  since been painted over.

On reflection, this was my first graffiti/street art photograph I took and probably where my interest in this art form began.

  • Sadly, his birthday is today, but yesterday a group of his truest friends joined together and said goodbye.
  • Goodbye to a man of conviction, and a man who knew what was acceptable and what was not; and was never afraid to tell the truth.

Your life was long and plentiful and through some later elements of adversity,  I wish you Koa-Atea (a happy and free from obstruction journey) into your next celestial life.

*There’s an empty chair up there – at the “friendliest club on the Bay“.


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2 Responses to May this Bluebird of Happiness RIP

  1. T Hill says:

    Well done, and fitting. Pity the original was defaced, er painted over by council decree. Public vandals!

  2. Will Nienhaus says:

    You entrusted Koa-Atea to me many years ago. She has looked after me and many friends ever since. On the day you passed, she did you proud.

    We’ll miss you.

    Sail away and RIP Max


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