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kathleen hale - orlando gives a partyHere we have an example of cruise ship menu design. At each call to the dining room, whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, each table had a welcoming menu which provided a variety of meal choices for each passenger. Often there were specialty themes, and of course, there were separate menus for children. This example of colourful menu is from a children’s menu entitled: “Orlando Gives a Party“-  Chapter 5. This following narrative appears on the back of a 1957 menu cover which was one of a series of 6 drawings and menus made for the S.S. Orcades, Orient Line Menus, by Kathleen Hale.

The description explains how, “Orlando steered the ‘Saucy Puss’ and her merry crew away from the Tropics to get cool. On the day they met two seals and Grace invited them on board to a party. Everyone danced except Tine who hated it. He rode on his rocking sea-horse instead. Blanche waltzed with a stuffed fish in a glass case, as there were not enough partners to go round. Elsie the Hen tangoed elegantly with Pans, and Violet the Cow helped herself to ice-cream. Neighbours watched the happy scene through the port-holes”. Of course, if you are more interested in what the children had to eat at this sitting:

Friday 11th October 1957 Children’s’ Party on an Oriental Cruise.


  • cold turkey or ham
  • green salad
  • Sandwiches: egg, peanut, chocolate or jam.
  • Eggs various to order.
  • Orcades Surprise Cake.
  • Fruit salad, fancy jellies, assorted pastries.
  • Orange and grapefruit juices. Tea dessert, cocoa.

All hail to Kathleen Hale for her wonderful children’s menus!

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