Merci M Caillebotte for your Impressionistic philanthropy

Gustave-Caillebotte-Portraits-in-the-countryHere we have “Portrait in the Country” (1876) oil on canvas (Le Musée d’art et d’histoire Baron Gérard) , Bayeux, France.  The artist is Gustave Caillebotte who was born on 19 August, 1848. He was a member of the French Impressionist movement, although he painted in a more realistic manner than many others  in the group.

  • He used his wealth to fund a variety of hobbies for which he was quite passionate, including Philately (stamp collecting).
  • In fact, his name was inscribed in the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.
  • This collection is now held in the British Library.
  • He was also noted for his early interest in photography.

Other hobbies and pursuits Caillebotte indulged in included:

  • Orchid horticulture,
  • Yacht building; and
  • Textiles.

An avid art collector; by the time of his untimely death; he had amassed 68 paintings by various fellow Impressionist artists including: 19 x Camille Pissarro, 14 x Claude Monet, 10 x Renoir, 9 x  Alfred Sisley, 7 x Edgar Degas, 5 x Paul Cézanne, and 4 x Édouard Manet.

Sadly, Gustave Caillebotte died on 21 February, 1894. But thankfully in his Will, Caillebotte donated his large collection of art to the French government – and for your generosity, we say Merci!

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