I nearly had an Apocalyptic fit!

It’s been some years since the Angels & Demons Festival passed through various cities around the world. It was back in September 2011 that I saw this “Forces of Light and Darkness” Apocalyptic Parade of giant 6-metre tall jet black infant sculptures sporting large wings and reptilian tails, from the Russian Art Collective known as AES&F. The artists of this collective who have used the first letters of their last name to name their collective, include:

Tatiana Arzamasova – (Born in 1955), graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) – State Academy (1978).  A conceptual architect, she lives and works in Moscow and was jointly awarded the Grand-Prix of  OISTT and UNESCO competition, Theater of Future.  She has had her work displayed in London, Paris, and Venice exhibitions.

Lev Evzovich – (Born in 1958),  also graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) – State Academy (1982). A fellow conceptual architect, who also lives and works in Moscow was the prizewinner of the  OISTT Competition – “The Tour Theatre” in Stockholm. His work has been displayed at conceptual architecture exhibitions in Milan, Frankfurt-on-Main and Paris. Lev has also worked as an Art Director for six  animation films, and puppet animation films.

Evgeny Svyatsky – (Born 1957), graduated from the Moscow University of Printing Arts (Department of Book Graphic Arts) in 1980. He lives and works in Moscow. Evgeny has focussed on advertising design, poster and graphic art and participated in international poster competitions, exhibitions of book illustrations and graphic art design.

Vladimir Fridkes, (Born 1956), and like the other artists, lives and works in Moscow.  Vladirmir works as a fashion photographer who has published photos in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times Style etc. He joined the AES team in 1995. when the group changed its name from AES to AES+F.

All apologies are given in advance if you thought this was about the Dan Brown 2000, best-selling mystery-thriller novel “Angels & Demons” but as you can see (and read) there are other interpretations of ideas which often use the same title or theme.

I must add, that although this was an interesting collective installation,  I am not about to be rushin’ towards the conclusion and support of  – an “Apocalypse Now”. (With all apologies to Francis Ford Coppola!).

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