“You touched the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses…

Unfortunately we must say vale to Martin Sharp, a  former well-known psychedelic pop artist, who created covers for ’60s bands such as Cream. (See left, his cover for Disraeli Gears).  Martin, was born on 21st January, 1942. His first big show “Art for Mart’s Sake“,  was  at Terry Clune’s gallery in 1965. In 1966 he moved into a Chelsea studio who he shared with photographer Bob Whitaker.

One night in 1967, Martin met Eric Clapton who disclosed he had just written a tune to which Martin replied: “I‘ve just written some lyrics.”..  and these were the beginnings of “The Tales of Ulysses“: 

Her name is Aphrodite and she rides a crimson shell,
And you know you cannot leave her for you touched the distant sands
With tales of brave Ulysses, how his naked ears were tortured
By the sirens sweetly singing.
The tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers,
And you want to take her with you to the hard land of the winter”.

Martin – it’s hard to go and even harder  to see people go, so let it go, let it fly…

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“Is It Art?”

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