Kickin’ Some Ass (KSA) – 25 years on

KSAcrewThe KSA Crew has acknowledged its quarter of a century celebration of existence in the street art world with this piece.  (Who said street art was a recent phenomenon?) The KSA or “Kickin’ Some Ass” Crew were formed around 1988, possibly from the Dandenong train line area. According to “King’s Way” (see details below), the members of this crew agreed to be part of the Noble Park 3174 sign-off, which had many sub-branches, of which KSA was one of.

KSA members included Armed, along with Cancer, Cameo, Luck, Ster, Action and Akwer. Although their crew were  renowned for their intimidating presence, they maintained a commitment to the writer’s ethos. The crew unleashed a bombardment of panels including Armed’s famed “crime on the line” window down statement which highlighted the state of the scene at the time.

For further information on KSA and other early street art crews have a look at “King’s Way: The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti: Melbourne 1983-1993″ by Duro Cabrilo, Martin Harvey &  Karl Stamer, Miegunyah Press, 2009.

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