Woodsculpting query – Looking for an answer

woodpuzzleAt times I have just stated some facts, or given some opinions or just wondered about things I see and take pictures of. This time, I’m asking for a little help.  I have two photos of the same item here. I used to play with this as a child, when I visited my grandparents home. As a child you take a lot for granted and accept things for what they are.  However, as we age, we see things in a new light and often what we saw and accepted as ‘the obvious,’ at the time, becomes a point of consternation when we suddenly realise the complexities of what we  were looking at.

woodpuzzle-openBack then, I was more interested in getting the unstacked tables and chairs back into the wooden block shape. Now, I want to know how the wood was split and crafted into the various shapes of the tables and chairs and whether this was a particular child’s puzzle game (of the time), or is it, as some people suggest to me now, a basic wood-carving/turning exercise, given to young carpentry students (of the day)?

Can anyone give me any ideas or solutions?

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