Kapellbrücke (aka Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge)

lucene wooden bridgeLucerne’s Chapel Bridge (or in German – Kapellbrücke) is a charming covered wooden footbridge which crosses the Reuss River over Lucerne,  Switzerland. The bridge was named after  St. Peter’s Chapel and its uniqueness and popularity is due to its exquisite,  triangular paintings by Hans Heinrich Wägmann, who depicted Lucerne’s history in the triangular architraves of the bridge. The original panels were mostly made from spruce,  although some were made from linden wood or maple boards.

Unfortunately, due to a destructive fire on 18th  August, 1993, which destroyed two-thirds of the bridge,  many of these original paintings were destroyed.  After the fire, the remains of 47 paintings were collected, although only 30 could only be fully restored. The Kapellbrücke was reconstructed and re-opened to the public on April 14, 1994 after a total renovation cost of US$2.1 million. Further examples of wooden art can be seen on this page.

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