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Junky ProjectOne of these is considered street art, the other is just a flatsie. Can you distinguish the difference? I’ll give you a clue. The one on the left is by a street artist known as Junky Project.  These are street art collations created by junk and found objects which are presented as a reminder of the excessive waste humans produce and as a consequence, sometime in our life, this unnecessary waste may come back to haunt us.

flatsie canThis piece – a flatsie, got run over by a car. (Perhaps it is art-in-waiting). Please note, this inclusion is not a flagrant advertisement for the product or its former contents, any more than what the Campbell’s soup can was to Andy Warhol. So, I ask you to: compare the pair. Which flatsie can is art? The value-added Junky Project, or the tyre-driven sacrifice?

Campbells soupThat reminds me, in reference to the soup can homage, although a little bit tattered, someone has done a salute to Warhol with this wheatie of his infamous can. For further street art examples, check out my ‘Street Art‘ page.

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“Is It Art?”

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