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A record turnout that will leave you in a spin

Today is World Record Day – an international celebration of the culture of the independently owned record store and vinyl. It is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of April. Founded in 2007 it has gained momentum around the world. … Continue reading

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Find Kelly the Ghost…If You Dare…

Who remembers the Green Ghost game? I remember being “over the moon” when my older brother bought me this for my birthday! How cool was it to sit in the dark and play this game on a luminescent board. I … Continue reading

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The Carny’s coming to town

Carnival glass is moulded or pressed glass, with a patterned shiny metallic, or ‘iridescent‘ surface shimmer. The keys to its ‘appeal’ were that it looked superficially like the very much finer and very much more expensive blown iridescent glass by … Continue reading

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Plastic Schmastic? or Plastic Fantastic?

The use of plastics has increased over the years, until we have come part of a plastic pollution society. If I spin the dial back to the days when I grew up, lunch was taken to school in waxed paper … Continue reading

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“She shouted out – I’m all yours – Babooshka…”

Had it wrong – all this time. Yep, must confess, that I had my terminology wrong and now stand to be corrected. This set of nested dolls are NOT babooshka (or Babushka) dolls BUT matryoshka dolls. So then why does … Continue reading

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A wipe of tea towels (dish towels)

Plenty of people collect tea towels and there is probably a collector’s term ending in -ology which relates to it, but what about a collective noun. Could it be something like a ‘wipe of tea towels?’. Wikipedia provides some historical … Continue reading

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