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Lucy Boyd | Girl With a Pot (1972)

Lucy Boyd | Girl With a Pot (1972)

Born into the famous Australian Boyd dynasty of artists, Lucy Evelyn Gough Boyd was born on 27 August, 1916, in Murrumbeena, Victoria. Lucy Boyd was the first child of William Merric (aka Merric), a potter and Doris Lucy Eleanor Bloomfield (nee Gough) Boyd a painter. Lucy is the eldest sister of:

  • Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd (1920–1999), painter,
  • Guy Martin à Beckett Boyd (1923–1988), early poet, potter, sculptor,
  • David Fielding Gough Boyd (1924–2011), potter, painter, and
  • Mary Elizabeth Boyd (1926–2016), early age painter and potter and later, a photographer

The family lived at their home, named “Open Country“, in the Melbourne inner south-eastern suburb of Murrumbeena. Lucy Boyd became a painter and ceramic decorator. The image shown above, Girl With a Pot, was painted by Lucy, in 1972. It features in the biographical work Day of My Delight, by her uncle Martin Boyd, published in 1979. She married Hatton Beck (1901–1994), a ceramist, potter and sculptor. Together, they had three children:

  • Laurence Hatton Beck (1940– ), layman, wayfarer and journeyman
  • Robert Hatton Beck (1942– ), potter and ceramist, who married Margot Gardner (daughter of painter Freidl Gardner) and have two children; and
  • Paul Hatton Beck (1948–), a musician

Lucy and and Hatton Beck took over the family pottery studio at Murrumbeena, and held an exhibition of pottery in 1961.

  • Lucy Evelyn Gough Beck (nee Boyd) passed away on 8 April, 2009, in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Source: Boyd, Martin. Day of My Delight: An Anglo-Australian Memoir. Lansdowne Press: Dee Why West, 3rd ed. 1979
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