What’s green and pink and hangs on the wall?

[Above image: Entitled 3: We all have a dream of a place we belong. (2013) synthetic polymer paint, marble dust and gold leaf on canvas and wood. Yvonne Pettengell Bequest,  National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)].

Australian artist Tomislav Nikolic was born in 1970 in Melbourne, Victoria. Nikolic, who still lives in Melbourne, is known for luminous abstract paintings built up from many layers of pigment mixed with marble dust. Colour is a primary concern for him. Nikolic’s aim is not to control or ‘illustrate’, but instead allow each painting to express a ‘chromatic potential’.

  • The work featured above, is the third in a group of seven paintings that explore the Seven Rays; a concept that has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy and appeared in religious iconography throughout centuries before being popularized by theosophists.
  • It references the illusion of ‘Glamour’ – as outlined in the book Glamour: A World Problem by the 20th Century theosophist Alice Bailey (1880 – 1949).

Nikolic has exhibited regularly in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland since 1996. Recent solo exhibitions include Edict, Greenwood Street Projects, Melbourne, 2009; Cardinal Mutable Fixed, Yuill/ Crowley, Sydney, 2010; Eidos, Yuill/Crowley, 2011; In Arcadia, Jensen Gallery, Sydney, 2012; and 7, Fox/Jensen, Auckland, 2012. Nikolic’s works have been included in group exhibitions including Artists of the Gallery, Yuill/Crowley, 2010; Points of Orientation, Jensen Gallery, 2012; and A Loose Harness for Time, Greenwood Street Projects, 2012.

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