Three Cheers for EARS | For ‘EARS a Jolly Good Fellow

Sydney-based artist Daniel O’Toole aka street artist EARS is known for his fragmented and fractured faces presented in an almost Cubist art form. Many of his works can be seen in Sydney or Melbourne, often recognisable by the thin-lined, patterned textural faces and expressions interwoven across O’Toole’s oeuvre in painting, sound, photography and film.

Born in 1984 and growing up in the outer suburbs of Sydney, O’Toole was brought up playing classical violin; and from an early age showed great aptitude in drawing. Coming from a creative family surrounded by music and painting this provided the right environment for him to develop into an established artist.

  • O’Toole studied Audio Engineering at SAE in 2004, later attending the National Art School in 2007.
  • The following year marked the birth of Sydney’s Newtown based gallery ‘Oh Really’ of which O’Toole was a founding director at the age of 24; and was involved in the running of; for nearly three years.
  • O’Toole later established ‘Soldiers Rd’, an inner city gallery located in a loft apartment overlooking Central Station at Sydney’s infamous Hibernian house; and after 12 months at Soldiers Rd, he returned to full-time art and closed the gallery doors.
  • In recent years, O’Toole’s projects have taken him around the world – from the Gobi desert making Super 8 films, to an artist residency in Berlin and Japan, to shooting a film clip at Shibuya‘s famous scramble crossing.

Daniel O’Toole / EARS continues to explore the correlation between painting and video, while pursuing a studio practice at ‘Higher Ground Studio’ located in Sydney’s inner west. For further information go to his website.

For ‘EARS a Jolly Good Fellow | And So Say All of Us

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