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CDH art has been around for 20 years, starting his street art creatives around 2000/2001. Working mostly alone, CDH’s interest came from his admiration with the street art of San Francisco. He uses anything and everything from paste-ups, aerosol, naping (fire graffiti), hammer-drill or welding, to create murals and pieces. Many of his works take a great time and effort up to 20-30 hours, and others are ‘quick and dirty’ taking as little as 20-30 minutes to create.

Amongst this collection which I have taken over a great period of time include:

  • Raimond Gaita – an Australian author, academic and moral philosopher.
  • Kyle Magee – Melbourne ad-busting political communication speech activist.
  • Matthew Brady (grey portrait) – the ‘gentleman bushranger’, colonial convict escapee of Tasmania. Got his nickname for never robbing or insulting women and conducting himself with good manners during a robbery. Sentenced to hanging at the old Hobart jail in 1826. CDH explains more about this on his website.

CDH states that he tries to work in areas where street art has been tacitly endorsed; where there is long standing, pre-existing street art or where the owner has demonstrated indifference about the aesthetic of their building (peeling paint, extensive tagging, poster advertising etc). I’m trying to make my community better with my street art.

Find out more about CDH at his website and whilst there, don’t miss reading Fandalism – such a great story!

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