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Straker / Drew Straker aka ‘The Muralist’ is an  internationally recognized aerosol street artist from Perth, Western Australia (WA). Born in the suburb of Subiaco, Drew is the youngest of three boys. A keen skateboarder, he began his graffiti skills at fourteen and has gone on to teach in art programs for youth at risk.

  • Straker was possibly the first artist to use the ‘neon glow’ technique in his pieces (white lines under a transparent colour) and also the white-only on black giving an almost negative effect, as indicated in these vintage images I took back in 2011.

Often referred to as camera-shy, Straker has created popular murals across Perth, including an anti-corruption piece which was commissioned by the WA Corruption and Crime Commission in 2016 and an octopus mural commissioned for Celebrations Carlisle in 2017.

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“Is It Art?”

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