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Sofles is an Australian graffiti/street artist who comes from Brisbane, Queensland. His career began in the late 2000’s, with his graffiti and street art. Since then Sofles has had an extended artistic career which also includes tattoo art, illustration and fine art. His imagery is wide and varied and his collage murals are a mind-bending abstraction melting into intricate form, showing perfect snapshots of his wild imagination.

Sofles’ bold use of colour is quite distinctive and this has firmly set his reputation as one of Australia’s most-watched contemporary artists. Constantly working, whether outdoors or in his studio, Sofles continues exploring new techniques and mediums, which makes his artwork so rewarding.

  • One example of this, was back in 2013, when he completed a series of stunning works on the walls of an abandoned warehouse which was recorded on video in a motion controlled time-lapse series entitled “The Ultimate Timelapse with Sofles”.
  • Another example from a few years ago, is when Sofles created a black and white installation for the Melbourne White Night festival. His work consumed the entire side wall of a multi-deck car park in Melbourne’s Mackenzie Street.  This mural worked in conjunction with 3D video experts, a musician and a handful of other friends, to create a marvelous spectacle for the overnight festival.

Sofles travels around Australia and the rest of the world creating mural art, painting and video art. He often paints with fellow Brisbane artists Drapl and girlfriend Cherie Buttons. Other collaborations have taken place with Adnate, Smug, Lush, Deb, Twoone and Anthony Lister, to name but a few. Sofles has also garnered two big contracts one with Redbull and the other with Adidas.

  • Discover more at Sofles website, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Sorry for the waffle, let’s get with more Sofles!

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