Here’s a Chunk of Drewfunk

Born in Malaysia, well-known street artist Drewfunk currently resides in Melbourne and has also lived in Sydney, Australia. After moving to Australia in 2006, Drew studied art at RMIT University in Melbourne. His interest in street art began in 2002, after finishing school.

Drewfunk’s style is a cross between East and West which he refers to as Oriental Funk. He creates murals using spray paints, wild style letters in street art and has completed commissions both public and private including a wall commission in South Melbourne, near York and Clarendon Streets. He is also a fine artist and illustrator.

  • Drew’s influences include food, Ming Dynasty period artworks, mystical imagery and folklore, animals, dragons, koi fish and bonsai plants.
  • As well as on the streets, Drew has exhibited nationally and internationally, through nine solo exhibitions, a prolific street art reputation, and a number of group shows.

Further information can be found on Drewfunk’s Instagram @drewfunk account or his Website.

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