The Giants of Baby Guerilla

Baby Guerilla studied oil painting and completed a Fine Arts Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Her artwork can be found at the National Gallery of New South Wales and in many other galleries and collections. However, her street art which started in 2012, is more readily accessible throughout Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs in the inner West. What started out as a hobby has grown into something much more prolific. Anonymity suits this street artist. She mostly works at night and privately spies on the walls she plans to capture, during the day.

  • Her black and white portraits in which her subjects are free, escaping, or caught in mid air, are most prominent in the inner west of Melbourne including on the side of Victoria University’s Footscray Campus.

Baby Guerilla sees her two art media working as complimentary. On her website Baby Guerilla sees her drawing on walls as a beautiful challenge… the challenge of space and constraints. Defying gravity, dancing with gravity. The love affair continues…

  • During an interview with Amanda Luxmoore for Beautiful Bizarre, 22 September 2014,  Baby Guerilla stated:

“My mission is to liberate art from just the gallery or the picture frame and make it accessible to everyone. I love the idea of setting art free, setting our souls free; to dream and imagine; and go floating across a wall. I seek to create worlds, meaning out of mayhem and dreams from despair.”

  • Discover more about Baby Guerilla at her website.

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“Is It Art?”

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