Lil’ Red Ridin’ Hood or Urban Cake Lady?

After having moved to Melbourne, Australia from Nelson, New Zealand in 2007, not much is known about the mysterious and elusive Urban Cake Lady. The only information I could find was from an interview to fellow street-artist Facter 10 years ago on November 26, 2010 on Invurt.

Facter described her colourful, vibrant and eye-catching work which often features a female in a red hoodie and striped tights. The character  doesn’t have a face underneath the hood, so people can fill in those unknown details themselves. She confessed that the unnamed character is a kind of self portrait, but for all intense and purposes she sees the character as an anonymous one.

Her smaller pieces took around 8-10 hours, and the larger ones, anywhere between 15-20 hours to complete. When it comes to placement of her art, Urban Cake Lady usually tries to avoid using brick walls because of the red on red aspect – so that cuts out quite a lot. She often keeps her eyes open for other coloured walls, and goes on little scouting missions to look for new spots. Otherwise, she finds that it just ends up being a pretty long night biking around and looking for somewhere – she prefers to have a place in mind, and be focussed on that.

With a full time job, Urban Cake Lady only has time to paint at nights and on weekends.  When pasting her art, she claims that she has been caught a couple of times, but has never had to do a ‘runner’. On one occasion she reflected “I think the police were more amused than anything, and I hate to say it, but being a polite girl probably worked in my favour. I’m not risking as much as others are if I’m caught with just paper and paste, but I’m still fairly cautious, and I try not to draw attention to myself”.

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