Greer Honeywill | Architecture of the Heart

[Above images: Architecture of the Heart  #1 and #2 (2008-2012) Duratran, powder coated light box 96 cm x 62 cm]

Australian conceptual artist, Greer Honeywill  (born 1945 in Adelaide, South Australia), studied art at the South Australian School of Art and Western Teachers College; graduating as an art teacher in 1964. Honeywill continued her studies in drama at Adelaide Teachers College in 1967 (now University of South Australia).

Between 1963 and 1976 Honeywill worked as a stage designer in Adelaide. She designed Eureka Stockade for the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild and the 1976 production of Jumpers, both for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Greer Honeywill relocated to Melbourne in 1990.

  • In 2003 she graduated from Monash University, with a PhD in Fine Art and was awarded the Mollie Holman Medal for academic excellence for her work which ranged from large-scale outdoor installations to more formal plinth based sculptural objects and wall mounted text based works.
  • Honeywill relocated to Tasmania in 2010 and in late 2011 commenced a second PhD at the University of Tasmania, which was awarded in August 2015. Her thesis was – The Ever Present Eye.
  • Since 2016, Honeywill has returned once more to Melbourne where she continues to live and produce great art.

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