Some Scenics by Phoenix | The Street Artist

Phoenix the Street Artist has been making collage installation street art in public spaces around the Melbourne CBD and beyond since the 1980s. Phoenix works with a combination of drawing and photocopying using cardboard, paper, pencil, pens, box cutters, transparencies, found objects, cornflour paste, blue-tac, and recycled boxes.

Phoenix’s art suffered a major setback when a fire burned down his home studio in 2004, which contained many of his works, as well as his collage system; an extensive library of collected and photocopied elements and other collage materials. Only a small portion of these, mostly charred and water-damaged; were able to be salvaged from the ashes and debris.

  • After five years, the ‘Phoenix rose from the ashes‘ and he put up his first street art in December 2009.

This spurred him to start taking his collage and copy art to the streets as Phoenix. Find out more via Phoenix’s website.

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“Is It Art?”

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