Ex Libris: To Library of Congress Subject Headings

Gil McKenzie – Ex Libris.  McKenzie describes this artwork: “Essentially my aim was to bring new life to old objects. In my sculpture, Ex libris, I used old books which I sourced from op shops, my own home, and those that were given to me by friends and family. Throughout my design process I worked with a huge range of pre-used objects, but I settled on books as I was drawn to the colours and textures of their covers and the aged brown colour of the pages.”

  • McKenzie became interested in the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which is the celebration of beauty in imperfection, and felt that books epitomised this concept.
  • Wanting to make her art pieces unique and personal she began incorporating maps, such as topographical maps of local areas. She transferred the maps onto the books and carved contours into the covers and pages.

This work was displayed at the 2015 StArt Up: Top Arts. This annual exhibition presents the work of Victoria’s freshest and most inspiring young artists and builds on a well-earned reputation for being one of the liveliest and most visited exhibitions at the Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria, at Federation Square.

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