Fictitious Realities are No Hi-Jinks

  • Above: Untitled “Babies” (2012), silicone, pigment, resin and human hair. (36 cm x 36 cm x1 8 cm) Courtesy of artist and Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney.
  • Also: “The Hanging Man” (2005), silicone, fibreglass, aluminium, human hair, pigments (140 cm x 52 cm x 28 cm) Collection of McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Victoria.

Sam Jinks (Born 1973 in Bendigo, Victoria) is a self-taught artist. After working as a commercial illustrator, he later worked on props and then stop-motion animation for TV and film.

  • By the 199os he was specialising in special effects and prosthetic makeup for the film industry.
  • Through this association he became familiar with high-tech professional materials and techniques that he developed and later used in his art.

Jinks uses realism to create Fictitious Realities involving the human body where his ability to render precise detail entices the viewer into closer inspection and identification with the humanity of his creations.

These works were exhibited at the Bayside City Council Fictitious Realities art exhibition.

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