There is Nothing Finer Than the Chimes of the Clinaman

[Featured – Clinamen (2013) MDF floor, PVC liner, water pump, heating device, porcelain bowls, water]. Paula Cooper Gallery New York and Galerie Xippas, Paris. This installation is generously supported at the NGV by the Loti and Victor Smorgon Fund.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot is a French artist born in Nice in 1961. After training as a musician and composer, he formed an art experience that merges both visual and auditory sensors which allows us to experience the intangible and abstract at the same time.

Based on these principles Boursier-Mougenot creates large-scale acoustic installations drawing upon the laws of nature and the rhythms of everyday life; to produce new forms of art and music.

  • Clinamen encourages a form of multi-sensory or ‘synesthetic’ engagement, whilst creating a social space for reflection and contemplation.
  • Its white porcelain bowls float on the surface of an intensely blue pool.
  • Circulating gently and swept along by sub-maritime currents, the floating ‘crockery’ acts as a percussive instrument; creating a resonant, chiming acoustic soundscape providing an unorthodox musical sound.
  • As the floating plates move about the pool, they create a visible score, translating the aural into the pictorial and establishing a visual equivalent to the act of listening.

Hear Clinamen chimes

May the Clinamen Chime-a-momento to your heart

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