Bathing or Resting But Never Protesting

[Francois Boucher The Surprised Bather (1736) and Diana Resting After Leaving Her Bath]

French Rococo style artist Pompidour François Boucher was born in Paris on 29 September 1703, the son of lace designer Nicolas Boucher.

Boucher is known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings on classical themes, reflecting inspiration gained from artists such as Watteau and Rubens. His early work celebrates the idyllic and tranquil; portraying nature and landscape with great élan.

  • Typical of the French Rococo style, Boucher was a court painter at the time of Louis XV and enjoyed the patronage of Madame de Pompadour.
  • His art portrayed scenes with a definitive style of eroticism and his mythological scenes were considered passionate and intimately amorous.
  • Along with his painting, Boucher also designed theatre costumes and sets, closely parallel his own style of painting.

Boucher died on 30 May, 1770, in Paris.

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1 Response to Bathing or Resting But Never Protesting

  1. donnamariadigiuseppe says:

    Fleshy nymphs. Of course the artist was a man.

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